Catalogue of amber jewellery products
for wholesale orders and sale


Set "Crown"
Price: 4250.00 RUB
Weight: 12.50
-: 18
Earrings "Crown"
Price: 2350.00 RUB
Weight: 7.70
-: 30 mm, шар 10 мм
Price: 3700.00 RUB
Weight: 12.20
-: 17,5
Weight: 5.00

[21.1.2022] Jewelry shop
We offer to visit our jewelry shop Amber energy for retail

[24.8.2017] Amber cosmetics
The company has launched the production of the high-quality natural amber cosmetics AMBER MAGIC . Enjoy the energy of amber and get the best of oils, amber acid and amber powder combined with natural supplements in the composition of our cosmetics.


The Baltic Amber manufacturing enterprise presents you handmade jewelry made of silver and gold with amber, typical and exclusive artisan's works, as well as amber jewelry: beads, bracelets, pendants, souvenirs. Wholesale deliveries in Russia and for export are available. For retail purchase you are welcome at our website Baltic Amber and our jewerely store "Amber Energy", Victor Hugo str. 1, Kaliningrad. Alongside the hotel "Holiday Inn"

For wholesale buyers, the total order amount should be not less than US $ 3,000.

You may see more information about purchase and payment .

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